The Key to Success Is Being Happy

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Success and happiness are typically seen as two ideas that are dependent on each other. People often believe that in order to be happy one must have a successful life. When reading about success, most of the time people stumble upon happiness bringing success. People have this typical idea of success being money, power, and a luxurious lifestyle with a promising future and a pinch of happiness. However, there will never be a universal explanation as to what success and happiness are because it’s different for every person. In order for someone to feel successful, one must learn how both happiness and success work together. People need to get over the idea of succeeding and achieving goals in order to be content and focus more on being happy with themselves.
In “Happiness and Success”, Laura Huckabee-Jennings explains how achieving success and materialistic possessions have nothing to do with happiness. People may be able to accomplish a goal and be successful, they become happy, but that is not happiness. The moment when people become happy about the goal they just overcame, they will be feeling temporary happiness, therefore they won’t be happy for long. People will begin to look for more goals to overcome in order to feel the euphoria. Happiness is an ongoing state of mind according to Huckabee-Jennings, one creates the state of mind and anyone can create happiness in any kind of situation good or bad. Achievements and success will only be an addiction for over-achievers and they’ll continue to look for goals in order to feel happy. Until people make achievements part of their core-values, happiness will be built into peoples achievements.Anyone who naturally attracts people can attract success because of their happiness.

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...oughout the people I interviewed. They felt happy and success because they lived up to their version of success while being happy. Success and happiness are two different feelings. One decides whether they want to live happy and successful or be successful to be happy.
Until people learn how to differentiate the idea of success and being successful, they will continue to strive for success in order to feel the euphoria. Once people learn how to be happy in every aspect of their life, success will be part of their morals, therefore it will no longer be part of peoples goals but they live. Surround yourself with happiness and you will be happy. Soon you find that success is not what makes you happy. Success is just the feeling after you become happy with yourself. A smile is contagious and so is happiness. People will soon find that the key to success is being happy.
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