The Importance Of Sleep

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When you wake up in a bad mood the first thing someone might say is that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When they tell you to get more sleep, you might not ever think that sleep really does have something to do with your mood. And while it can affect our moods it’s also something we have to do to live. Sleep is a topic scientist have been spending years determining what it is, if we really need it, and how it affects our everyday life.
Sleep is a “normal, regular state of rest of an organism. In contrast to the waking state, sleep is characterized by relative quiescence of physiological functions (blood pressure, breathing, heartbeat) and a relatively low response to external stimuli,” (Sleep, 2016). Scientist have described sleep
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Food, water, oxygen and yes, sleep, are a necessity in the aspects of most life on Earth. A leading proof of our need for sleep comes from a study conducted in 1989 by Carol Everson who was working in Rechtschaffen 's laboratory at the time. While there, she condoned a study with rats, depriving them of sleep. All rats died within the first month of the study. However, death by sleep is not only common to rats, but humans as well. Fatal familial insomnia is a heritable human disorder that leads first to unremitting insomnia and thence to the person death. Because sleep deprivation can lead to death, sleep is considered such a necessity that it has been valued as a basic human right in most places in the world (Sleep Deprived: We 're Recharging Our Phones, But Not Ourselves, 2016). Studies even show that thirty-five present of Americans affected by sleep insomnia are medicated for it and there is even a whole field of medicine dedicated to sleep (Heffron, T. M.,…show more content…
(Breus, M. J., PhD., 2006). Anyone could quickly find multiple research results of children’s test scores in comparison to sleep, online. You’ll find time and time again that children who get less sleep experience less comprehension of materials, less concentration, lack of motor skills, and lower grades while students who get the necessary amount excel in all these fields. A good way to see how sleep affects our life is to review some of the research done on

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