The Importance Of Recruiting Quality Teachers

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Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Mandela, n.d.).” This quote speaks volumes about education’s role in society. Society entrusts educators with the most valuable commodity, human capital. The students that sit in classrooms today will be the people that will rule our nations tomorrow. The people that will be incarcerated will also have been a student in someone’s class. As a future principal, an instructional leader, it is imperative to remember the duty of molding the minds of today to create the society of tomorrow has been entrusted to us. With this important task at hand, it has been a pleasure to meet several acting and past principals this semester, and the knowledge…show more content…
Great teachers often have opportunities to socialize with other great teachers at workshops and other professional settings. When other teachers see these ambassadors of your school, their interest can be heightened. Furthermore, merely asking some of the quality teachers in the building for referral of other quality teachers can be an excellent means of recruiting. Long before the interview process has started, leaders identify should have been solidified. These beliefs should be used to create and communicate the value and cultural system of a school. During the interview process is a good time to share the school’s values and culture. For example, how communication skills are an important part of being a teacher and important part of the culture of my school. Candidate needs to communicate well with students, students ' parents, administrators, and other teachers and staff. They should have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to demonstrate that they can effectively communicate with all types of people, from many different cultural…show more content…
Teacher’s Appreciation Week is a perfect time to recognize the excellent work of all faculty and staff, however, day-to-day recognition in important. Additionally, there needs to be a clear link to performance standards, or the principal will end up recognizing an employee for doing their job (“Keeping the Right People,” n.d.). It is essential to recognize excellent performance if the goal of recognition is to inspire and cultivate professional growth. The typical elementary, middle, or high school has employees who work with their colleagues in teams. Acknowledging groups and individual employees for excellent work is vital; however it is also necessary to recognize each person to distinguish them for their contribution. “Group recognition contributes to team building and informs the group that together, they are valuable to the organization,” (“Keeping the Right People,”

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