The Importance Of My Education

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As a student in elementary school, I never realized how important it was for my parents to have been involved in my education. They have always been there for me and helped me with any homework that I had and I really believe now that this benefited me as a student and allowed me to be the best I could be during my educational career. Being that I struggled often as a student and needed extra help, having my parents guiding me and being so involved in my education, really affected me and the type of student I was. When I was a child and in elementary school, I was classified with a learning disability and received an IEP. My learning disability really affected me as a student and I had trouble when it came to certain subjects such as reading…show more content…
My parents also made sure that I did not wait to do my homework because they know that I would most likely procrastinate. According to the text, “researchers found that setting rules as to when and where homework was to be conducted had a strong and positive relationship with academic achievement” (Coleman, 2013, p. 55). I know that if it were up to me, I would have waited last minute to complete the assignment and this would not show my best work and all the potential I had. Although my parents were on top of my homework, they never did the homework for me, but always guided me through it and gave me the help that I needed. My parents also always kept in touch with my teachers and always communicated with them about how I was doing in class. Their communication really helped and I feel like it made me a better student because not only did I have help in school, but my parents also knew what to help me with at home. After reflecting on how my parents helped me and the type of student I turned out to be compared to others who do not have parent involvement, I see a difference. According to Michigan Education Research,“decades of research show that when parents are involved students have: Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates; Better school attendance; Increased motivation, better self-esteem; Lower rates of suspension; Decreased use of drugs and alcohol” (Parent Teacher
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