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Education in the United States allows the future to progress and create a country that encompasses able individuals. As a Progressivist and Essentialist, my students are the center of learning, planning and progressing. As the nurturer in my classroom, my students will continue to develop into proficient individuals that will make a positive impact on their environment. I will guide my students to choose their own way of learning by aligning curriculum to each individual. By individualizing learning, my students will develop and progress on their own level, which will lead to success. Each student’s family will be actively involved in their student’s education, as each individual’s family is the foundation of their life. The community will …show more content…

The purpose of education is that all individuals will be able to progress and gather the information needed to embody citizenship. In my classroom, I will focus on the objectives and facts of each student. I will train my students to advance their knowledge in all areas. I will evacuate each student each day not only on the knowledge they have gain but their personal emotions and state of mind. The environment of the classroom will allow each student to preform to their best ability, as I will provide experiences so my students can learn by doing. My students will have the opportunity to evaluate each experience and reflect on their …show more content…

The environment is an important aspect to one’s life and can affect them both positively and negatively. The ultimate goal for the environment of my students would be caring, encouraging, and supporting. As each individual develops into a great citizen the ones around them will allow them to grow in to their passions. You will be able to send surveys to your families to learn more about them and their goals for their children. I will encourage families to be a part of our classroom. I will start early with communicate and personal contact. I will send out surveys and newsletters to involve parents when possible. I will look for ways to bring in community such as experts in certain areas. Students will get to know what is available and community gets to see or get to know

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that education in the united states allows the future to progress and create a country that encompasses able individuals.
  • Explains that education is the most precious resource in an individual's life as it provides knowledge and skills to adapt to their daily experiences.
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