The Importance Of Facebook On Social Media

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User-centric interaction design
User centric is defined as giving users more control, more choices, and more flexibility. Facebook gives users a way to be social without actual interaction, as in communicating with others without face to face contact. Facebook’s user centric interaction design allows users to express themselves anyway they want, regardless of their reality.
Centric interaction means that it is located in or at a center of all interaction, in this case Facebook puts the user in the center of a virtual experience. It gives users the opportunity to control, and make decisions or choices in who can read and share your private likes or dislikes in a way that was impossible in the past. Facebook gives users the ability to post,
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Meaning that it has become the go to for new businesses to advertise new products and the same time received real time feedback. Even though “word of mouth” has become very popular in this century, many companies can benefit from social media such as, Instagram and Facebook. According to Shea Bennett from Social Times, “Social media indeed is very effective in many ways. Business owners should be able to maximize its power and take it to their advantage for their respective brands” (2014).
Companies can promote their product by pairing up with media outlets such as Facebook for exposure. Facebook as become the leader in social media with 1,155 million users as of 2013 (Bennett, 2014). Companies understand that by using Medias of this sort it can be cost effective and they get to read what is being said about their products. By learning what is being shared about the product, the companies can figure out what it working and what is not. With a simple like or dislike, members of Facebook spread the word about why the product fail or
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Marketing specialists have come up with several best practices to help shape and enhance social media companies. Social media marketing is constantly evolving, therefore social networks often have to adjust in order to keep up since it can change within a second. So this is where the process begins for creating best practices; which are strategies that with time are successfully applied to social media businesses and create greater opportunities. According to experiences of customers and marketing teams, there are several social media best practices. The great thing about social media marketing is that goals can be accomplished in several ways. In order for a social media company to succeed they may need all the best practices that they can think of, to manage a successful company.
Facebook has had a reasonable portion of criticism, but it is no surprise that a social media company of its caliber would not get criticized, and since it has been successful for over a decade, it is pretty hard to ignore how successful this company really has become. If we understand the reasons why Facebook is so successful, then we can use the techniques and implement them as part of the successful best practices for other social media
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