Essay On Negative Effects Of Facebook

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The Negative Effects of Facebook on Relationships In today’s generation, one can see the issues that are causing most people to live miserable. One of the greatest issues is that not everyone values what he or she has the same way others do. It is good to be on social media to explore the social world with others, but there are people who tend to share their private relationships’ information on social media. For example, updating their statuses on Facebook on a regular basis can lead to so much, which can be classified in three categories below. Young people should be cautious with Facebook because of the negative effects that it has on their relationships such as criticism, jealousy, and bad reputation. Since Facebook has become one of…show more content…
By posting too much privacy can cause others to assume bad of the wrongdoings of that person. Also, when others are so used to see what kind of a person that usually post their privacy then others who would like to start a new relationship will never have the desire to go talk to that person because of seeing too much of the person’s personal life on Facebook. Another example, there are people who are looking for jobs, but when the boss or the manager add them on Facebook, and they can see that person’s timeline with all the different statuses that reveal everything, so they are most likely will not get a job. A person’s reputation can be ruined by so many different circumstances that exist. Relationship conflict refers to differences in personal issues as well as mutual dislike and annoyance among colleagues when in a work situation. Examples of relationship conflict are conflicts concerning personality, political preferences, beliefs, or interpersonal style (Jehn, 1995). Knowledge sharing refers to sharing work-related knowledge and experience among employees (Kankanhalli et al., 2005; Lin, 2007). Relationship conflict is an important predictor of KS because it is relationship-oriented; interpersonal relationships influence the willingness of employees to exchange knowledge with each other. Relationships can play a big role in reputation, which a lot of people do not know. It can interfere with a bad reputation that will forecast on something else that is important in life, such as,
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