Effects Of Social Media On Society Essay

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Impact of Social Media on Society A problem that is rising faster than ever is social media. Since the rise in technology, social media has also gotten a boost because of it. People can’t seem to put their phones down when they are on social media. Social media is changing people and not for the better. Some are using social media like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to the point where it is affecting their education. Not only does social media stop students from learning, there are still many more dangers of social media that people can encounter. More dangers of social media are that it can attract dangerous people like stalkers, cyberbullies, and even the government. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and snapchat can become a distraction for people. In schools, teenagers find their way around to post online. They don’t realize what essential material they could be learning; all they care about is posting about how they feel. I can understand why so many people especially teenagers want to use social media, but they are losing time. Time is precious and if they are in school and wasting their time on social media, then they won’t be learning anything. In the article, “Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society”, the author talks about how teenagers are throwing away their education ever…show more content…
According to Ta, who is an author who wrote the article, “What Impact has Social Media truly had on Society”, discusses ways social media is destroying people. Ta says, “Social media websites are some of the most popular haunts on the Internet. What the Ta is saying is that some people are blind to what social media is doing to them. Social media is taking up most of their time and some don’t realize it. All things considered, time is valuable and should be used for education so students can acquire the knowledge they need for their
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