The Importance Of Effective Leadership

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Considering the fast-paced global economy, and the dynamics of the modern day church, effective leadership practices are essential to the healthy growth of an organization (Blanchard, 2013). In addition, effective leadership practices are also conducive to creating passion amongst employees and customer devotion; thus, there is a direct parallel between the quality of an organization’s leadership, and whether or not an employee or customer remains loyal to an organization (Blanchard, 2013, para. 2). Unfortunately, many businesses, and even the church, often overlook leadership development, as a result of overlooking leadership development, businesses fall behind other businesses (Blanchard, 2013), and the church misses out on building relationships.…show more content…
Leadership development allows a company to strategize and seek out new opportunities (Yukl, 2010). New opportunities attract outside talent and cause existing employees to remain engaged and motivated (Yukl, 2010). Personal leadership development consists of a college education and the use of relative and multisource feedback; furthermore, personal leadership development has also consisted of action learning workshops and self-help. Past leadership experiences have revealed strengths in interpersonal skills and weaknesses in decision making under stress. Suggested improvements entail attending formal action learning programs in crisis management, and seeking out a personal coach. Heart attitudes are revealed by the way the leader serves, pride has prevented my leadership from being truly covenantal; ultimately, recognizing that leadership is God ordained allows the leader to be truly covenantal in leadership (CCBS, 2016). Although there are many components to an effective leadership training program, churches may be limited by budget; thus, obtaining professional training may be difficult because of finances. Church leadership development programs would best be served with mentoring, personal growth programs, and job rotation programs which prevent boredom and promote mutual accountability. Ultimately, leadership development is critical to the success of any business or organization and should not be

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