The Importance Of Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is steadily on the rise in today’s society for every individual, small business, major corporation, private sector company and government. In the same aspect, criminals who commit cybercrimes range from individuals to organized groups of people. According to the Infosec Institute, cybercrimes encompass a range of illegal activities such as Identity Fraud/Theft, Botnets, phishing, intellectual property infringement or simply attacking a computer network (2016). Individuals committing cybercrime attacks don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable to be successful either. Committing a phishing attack or identity theft has become so common because of the convenience and ease at which the cybercrimes are executed. According to the Federal…show more content…
Policies that should be implemented to protect against common attacks, such as phishing, identity theft and stolen intellectual property, include controlled access policies, email and web browser protection policies and data protection policies. Controlled access should be based on a need to know bases which aids in defense against stolen intellectual property. Users will only be able to access the information that they need, therefore, if a hacker does gain access it doesn’t necessarily mean they will have the ability to steal trade secrets, for example. A policy mandating protection of email and web browsers and having spam filters turned on will reduce risk for phishing emails. Implementing a policy to ensure that all data is encrypted will better protect important information for the company and their employees aiding in defense against identity…show more content…
In terms of cyber terrorism, many people have political motivations for their illegal actions. Stuxnet was carried out for political motivations against Iran. Companies or individuals that have strong political ties may not comply with policies involving meta data collection or identifying zero day exploits. Greed may be a top psychological motivation for companies such as Target in terms of collecting meta data on consumers. Therefore, achieving appropriate compliance on mandating an opting in or out policy on company sites may not be an

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