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Cyber crime is becoming more frequent with the development of technology worldwide. Cyber crime is a criminal act, which is now a worldwide problem occurring via the Internet or through a computer network. There are three categories in which cyber crime can be broken down in to:

1. Target cybercrime: a crime in which the computer is the target of the offense.
2. Tool cybercrime: The crime in which a computer is used as a tool in committing the crime.
3. Computer incidental: The crime in which a computer plays a minor role in committing the offense.
(Zhicheng Yang, 2011)

Cybercrime Laws:

There are laws facing different cyber crimes. As the Internet is very difficult to control and regulate the laws vary in different countries. The Internet has no boundaries and cyber crimes are not offenses that can be solved through government intervention, therefore the laws of cybercrime vary between countries, some taking it more seriously than others.

Why does cybercrime occur?
Criminals participate in cybercrime activities worldwide. There are several reasons as to why cybercrime is becoming a developing issue. Criminals are able to complete anonymous illegal activities meaning they cannot be tracked down or identified. This allows criminals a higher chance to get away with such activities online compared to doing them physically for example there is a higher chance of a criminal being caught for stealing in real life then being caught for creating an online scam to steal money. Cybercrime allows criminals to commit crimes in countries they are not currently residing; criminals have a screen to hide behind. It also allows more intelligent people (who are good with technology) to use their knowledge to commit crimes that give th...

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...minal tools (malware kits)
- Don’t open or forward emails from those you don’t know
- Develop insight into the behavior of the average cybercriminal by means of intelligence analysis, criminological research
- Develop international laws applying to all countries


Overall Cybercrime is a worldwide problem, which affects majority of people whether it is through cyber stalking, scams, cyber bullying, theft, hacking or any of the other developing cybercrimes. Laws are strongly enforced worldwide and starting to advance in developing countries to minimize cyber crime internationally. Cybercrime is a developing issue and laws cannot keep up with the development. There are no boundaries to cybercrime making it hard to enforce effective laws, therefore I believe laws should be developed globally rather than nationally to defeat cybercrime on a global level.

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