The Importance Of Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice includes the procedures that are involved in addressing matters of crime. These criminal activities are overseen by maintaining social control and mitigation any criminal activities that may take place. Criminal justice includes making sanctions to those who are found on the wrong and punishing them where necessary. Criminal justice is faced with a scrutiny by both local and international bodies (Peri et al, 2010). There are different opinions on a country’s criminal justice system and these opinions depend on different benchmarks set by the observers. Some of the observers may sometimes be victims of criminal activities that could have had lasting effects on their psychological and physical set up. The question of the…show more content…
Governments have a duty to establish laws that defend the interest and properties of its citizens. This is the reason why crime has to face tough measures to reduce its prevalence and effects on the victims (Peri et al, 2010). The measurement of legitimacy lies on the minds of the community, which witnesses all the activities regarding crime. There are doubts that occur within the society on the ability of the criminal justice system to deliver justice and prevention of crime. In order for the criminal justice system to generate trust from the society, there has to be an evident trend of justice served because of the criminal activities that occur in the society. The rates of crimes in the modern day have steadily increased and this has derived renewed demand for advanced criminal justice policies. The rise of cyber crimes and related crimes has instilled new fears among the society for their safety. The advancement of the cyber crimes rampant today…show more content…
The essence of spreading the values of lawfulness in the correctional facilities is based on the need to create a crime-free society. This is the reason why the constitution has if the correctional facilities should exercise equity and lawfulness in their exercise of correcting criminals (FBI, 2009). The constitution can channel the change needed to correct the attitudes of the people on the correctional facilities in America. The source of legitimacy that is derived from the constitution will empower the centers to explore more improved means of addressing crime. Legitimacy can be achieved through mutual understanding and investing time and faith in the correctional facilities available today. Every institution is faced with difficulties and the people should have hope in the centers that they can achieve perfection with more

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