The Problem Of Overcrowded Prisons

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Although it may not seem like a major problem to most people in the United States, prisons are becoming overcrowded, expensive to maintain and have little to no effect on the moral discipline of inmates. The current prison system is extremely inefficient and the purpose of prisons has been completely forgotten. According to Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, the primary purpose of prisons is to punish, to protect, and to rehabilitate. Not only is there an increase in prisoners, but there is a rise in the number of repeat offenders. Alternatives such as counseling, drug rehabilitation, education, job training and victim restitution must be better enforced and organized. People do not understand the severity of the problem mainly because…show more content…
There are several reasons why prisons overcrowd. One reason is because when offenders are released they commit another crime only to become incarcerated again. Inmates may also be sent back to prison for failure to complete community service. Another reason for overcrowding is tougher sentences. Offenders are receiving longer sentences for their crimes. They are facing harsher penalties for certain kinds of crimes, such as drug charges. Many offenders are forced to spend more time in prison after many states had the Truth in Sentencing Act passed, which requires that offenders serve the majority of their time incarcerated. It is becoming rare for offenders to get the option for parole. Overcrowded prisons are also less likely to help the prisoner to reform. Prisoners are having their rights infatuated from them by officials who are not pushing harder for improved prison…show more content…
Religious discrimination in prison is a major problem. In 2011, Holt v. Hobbs was brought before the Supreme Court. Gregory Holt was a Muslim inmate who was denied to grow his beard for religious purposes by the Arkansas Department of Correction (Vallely). Some prisons around the U.S are ignoring prisoner’s religious rights and making them suffer by forcing them to stop their religious activities. Inmates are being tormented because of their beliefs and prisons are doing little or nothing to protect them. It should not matter what religion one follows when spending time in prison, and it should not change the way people treat them. Many prisoners have been tormented by officials and other prisoners for the religion they follow. It has a long term effect on some because the verbal and physical abuse they get will never be forgotten. The government must monitor the officials in charge to assure they are protecting those being bullied for their
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