The Crime Control Model

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The crime control model and the due process model are two different, yet similar models that was identified by Herbert Pecker and that are used in the criminal justice process. However, how important are these models in the criminal justice process? And is it necessary for us to have both of these models which to an extent performs similar outcomes. To answer these questions this essay will explaining the meaning of these two models, in addition, it will be looking at the differences that there are between these two models. And as a result, reveal the importance of these two models and whether it is necessary to have both models
The term crime control is a method that is used to help tackle crime, in terms of reducing the amount of crime that is committed. This model is describe like that of a conveyor belt because of the speedy process it uses to determine assumed guilt of suspected offender.
There are different principles that makeup the crime control model. For example, guilt implied, legal controls minimal, system designed to aid police, and Crime fighting is key. However one fundamental principle that has been noted is that ‘the repression of criminal conduct is by far the most important function to be performed by the criminal processes’. (Packer, 1998, p. 4). This is very important, because it gives individuals a sense of safety. Without this claim the public trust within the criminal justice process would be very little. The general belief of the public is that those that are seen as a threat to society, as well as those that fails to conform to society norms and values should be separated from the rest of society, from individuals who choose to participate fully in society. Consequently, the crime control model pro...

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...e that are guilty being more incline to be acquitted, especially if they have the money to support themselves with a good lawyer. Additionally the crime control model is needed for us to have the due process model especially, because the crime control model acts as a filter for the due process model. In the sense that it makes the work of the due process model much easier by firstly screening out the presumably innocent from the presumably guilty.

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