Public Criminology

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Definition of Public Criminology
Public criminology takes information, research and education to the next level, as discovered through this essay. It doesn’t just include lab work, research and discoveries, it involves community based teaching in a way that the public can be informed and educated through upfront communication. Throughout this essay, the broad definition of public criminology will be discussed as well as its relevance to society. As with anything, there are challenges and promises that accompany public criminology and those will be stated in this essay. Examples will be given to help you learn the different concepts of public criminology and how it relates to our modern society. Given as a starting point, according to Larson (2012), public criminology involves:
Conscious efforts to critique existing approaches to questions of crime and justice, demystify concepts and issues that are laden with political and ideological baggage, situate debates about crime control within a socio-historical context, and facilitate the imagination and exploration of alternative ways of thinking and acting in relation to crime and justice. (p. 3).
That is a very simple explanation of public criminology that incorporates much of its diversity. This quote is of great importance to gaining an understanding of public criminology, as it is not only about incorporating the public in the generation of knowledge, but more about activism. It is about directly gaining knowledge through different people’s experiences and eventually changing opinions through public presentations. Through many sources, this broad term will be analyzed and described as clearly as possible, drawing from course presenters’, course readings, and research.
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