The Importance Of Communication In Social Media

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Introduction Social media and other 21st century collaborative technologies have increasingly become critical components of information gathering for decision making as well as for information dissemination. Through the real-time online connectivity afforded by social sites coupled with frequent exchanges, users develop a perception of social presence. This enhances self-expression, intimacy building and individual identity construction. A majority of leaders are increasingly turning to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to disseminate information and connect with subordinates, (Wankel, Marovich, Miller and Stanaityte, 2011). How social media can be leveraged to enhance communication Although there may be formal…show more content…
For each decision making style, the leader can take up a specific role to ensure the acceptance and quality of the decisions made. These include the roles of integrator, parliamentarian, educator, solicitor, and director, (Hoy and Miskel, 2013). The leader can utilize a given form of communication, take up a suitable leadership role and adopt a particular decision making style to facilitate communication, interaction and sharing of ideas, opinions, attitudes aimed at shared decision making. In a group consultative decision making style, the leader can use social networks by starting a dialogue, inquiry or conversation. These are aimed at soliciting ideas from subordinates. They improve the quality of ideas and opinions gathered thereby making a decision that is reflective of the ideas presented. In group agreement decision making style, the problem can be shared with the subordinates on a social network platform, where they can collectively present ideas, formulate alternative solutions and reach a consensus on the final decision. However, no one decision making style is superior over the other, hence leaders should be able to shift styles as the situation demands, so as to match a given style with the situation at hand, (Miller,
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