Child Development And Child-Adolescent Development

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“Human development is a constant life long process of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and change” ( These characteristics for the primary grades are all very important when it comes to the children’s learning. Primary grade children make up the first, second, and third grades. They also range from the ages six, seven, and eight. Most are just at the beginning of their educational learning process and are hitting peaks of developmental growth. This is a time of rapid physical growth and development. Primary grade children are very active and have difficulty in sedentary activities during the learning process (Snowman, McCown, & Biehler, 2012, p. 80). Think about when you have seen children out at recess in the primary grade level. These children look like they are running around like wild animals. They have so much energy built up and need to release it. When children participate in sedentary activities they must release energy and a lot of times it is in the form of nervous habits. This could be for example pencil chewing, fingernail biting and just general fidgeting and being antsy (Snowman, McCown, & Beihler, 2012, p. 80). You will want to try to avoid these behaviors, because they may become distractions for the student, other peers, or even you while the learning process is going on (Madsen, Hicks, & Thompson, 2011). Try to avoid situations where students are just sitting at their desks for long periods of time. At this age children need frequent breaks and time to get up and move around (Howell, Sulak, Bagby, Diaz & LaNette, 2013, p. 16). This could even be done by having students take items to your desk or baskets, just something to get them mov... ... middle of paper ... ... 230). This way the student will have a positive reinforcement to look forward to and stop his misbehavior. I hope to become a primary grade teacher and this paper has been a real eye opener for me. I have to always consider so many factors when teaching my students at this grade level so they are able to learn the best they can. It is nice now to have this personal knowledge of the development for primary grades and this information to come back to for additional research. I believe writing this paper has given me a better understanding of the type of students I want to teach. This paper will also be a very good resource for my teaching career, because I could use it as an artifact in my portfolio and it could fit under a number of standards. This information has really given me a good foundation of what shall be expected in my future education and career.
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