The Impact of Workforce Diversity

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Diversity in the workplace can be controversial. It is mostly controversial when it is considered negatively. Thankfully there are many laws to protect the rights of many minorities who are usually discriminated against in the workplace. Interestingly, since companies “have to” hire applicants without discriminating, they found that it is actually beneficial to have diversity in the work environment. There are many advantages to having diversity in age, gender, and disabled employees in the workforce. Age diversity is healthier and more interesting in the workplace. It becomes a learning experience for both young and old age groups. Many young employees learn from the older groups that have been a part of the company longer. Likewise, many older employees learn about the new, fresh ideas from the younger workers. Both age groups tend to balance each other out. While the younger employees tend to be fun and agile, they usually do not have the discipline or the stamina as the older workers, so it is good to have the older workers in the company to help keep the younger guys on point. Young workers are easier to train; therefore, they retain the company’s goals and standards easily. The age groups are different, so they also have different experiences and insights which make it better for the work environment. There may be times when tempers and attitudes can get out of control, so it is important that good managers work closely with the groups to makes sure there is fairness. Even though there may be conflict between the age groups, it needs to be understood that they are both needed in the company and both contribute to the company in their own ways. (Moore) In the old days, men were the dominators in the business world. They usually had leadership titles and high paying jobs. On the other hand, the women were expected to be homemakers. There were few women in the workforce, however, their jobs were usually subordinates, in lower level positions, and the pay was minimal. Today, the women are taking over the workforce. There are many companies showing higher levels of gender diversity. Men and women do not share the same approach or ideas, which is beneficial to the company. The differences create a balance with fresh and varied ideas.
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