The Positive Effects Of Diversity In The Workplace

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According to researchers Frances Maher and Mary Kay Tetreault, “Privilege, in its root meaning, pertains to a law--in this case often silent and unseen--that works for or against individuals and groups” (2009). In other words, although privilege is not an object, it is real. Privilege has been demonstrated in various forms of inequality and prejudice all throughout the United States’ history. From not allowing all races to become citizens of the U.S. prior to the Fourteenth Amendment to controlling who got to vote, privilege continues to impact societies. Currently, racial privilege has had a large effect on young adults, such as those in the workforce. Here, privilege negatively affects young people by limiting their hiring opportunities,…show more content…
“One reason for the growing interest in work group diversity is that with the increased use of work groups in organizations, it has become more important how team member characteristics, such as age, gender, race […] affect team functioning and why” (Harrison and Klein, as cited in Van Dijk, H., & Van Engen, M. L., 2013). While some researchers have gathered information on the positive effects of diminishing privilege and increasing diversity, others are searching for the opposite. Researchers Kokkonen, Esaiasson, and Gilljam claim that ethnic diversity decreases the social trust in groups that work together. Social trust is how well a group works together, at a job for example, and how comfortable they each feel sharing their individual thoughts ideas with one another. Although the concept of social trust can be applied anywhere, its effects in the workplace vary because it depends on the status of the individuals and the area of work that is being analyzed. “In contrast to neighborhoods, workplaces are social units where exposure to diversity […] often results in intergroup contacts regardless of personal preferences for such contacts” (Van Dijk, et. al., 2013). In other words, employees do not typically have the freedom to choose where they prefer to work or with whom. This would increase the negative…show more content…
Decreasing the disparity among whites and people of color eventually leads to higher productivity, stronger work ethic, and better team functioning. “Diversity enhances and affects group performance in diverse teams” (Van Dijk, et. al., 2013). As stated by researchers Winfred Arthur, Jr. and Dennis Doverspike, to have a diverse and successful working environment, employers and business leaders should work on limiting the role they play in privilege and accept more applicants from minority backgrounds (2005). According to researchers at the Texas A&M University and the University of

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