The Impact of Fashion in the 1920s

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Nothing would be the same today if society hadn’t experienced its most unprecedented transformation that transpired during the 1920’s. This famous decade later on came to be known as the roaring twenties. It got its name as a result of the epidemic that changed the country from a nation of conservancy into a nation of diversification. One of the reasons for this epidemic came through the use of fashion. This alteration occurred essentially in large cities towards the western side of the country, like New York. It wasn’t until further on that the southern areas merged into the new customs as well. With a drastically diverse innovation in fashion to express power, wealth, and self-determination going on, the 1920’s became the era of change for society’s view on lifestyle.

Finery was the culminating way for individuals to display their prosperity. Rich men were normally seen in suits of the best fabric, giving them a strong professional introspection. Men like this automatically gained more respect than men of the lower class because the classier they looked, the more intimidating they became in the eyes of others. Women who wore excessive jewelry and extravagant outfits tended to stand out, making them more desired by men and envied by other women. Author Elizabeth Hurlock described that fashion reflects how a person is viewed by society (Themes in American History). She also stated, “One of the chief values of clothing is that it enables people to advertise themselves in a way that will win the attention and admiration of others” (Themes in American History). Those who had an ambition for this kind of attention believed that in order to stand out, they had to be diverse and best way to do this was by dressing in a luxurious ...

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...oices of clothing helped modify the nation into what it is today. Thanks to this drastically diverse innovation in fashion, people were able to express power, wealth, and self-determination in the 1920’s, making it the era of change.

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