1920's Fashion Essay

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The 1920’s was an era of dramatic political and cultural change, where many Americans lived in cities rather than farms. Many inventors came to be noticed as new cars were invented and as music entered the entertainment industry. A new style of music was invented mainly in the African American community, creating the Harlem Renaissance; which was an evolution of music and entertainment in Harlem, New York City. The women of America began to evolve in the 1920s, adding new styles to our fashion industry and changing the way women dress, act, and are portrayed in society for generations. Women were viewed before the 1920’s as innocent housewives, that made little to no money, as they often relied on their husbands’ for income. Women also Through the drastic changes in the fashion industry, to the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, granting women the right to vote, women’s status in society increased as they became an important role in society. The change in the fashion industry spread not only in the United States in the 1920’s but also throughout the world. As the decade of labor came into effect, the role of women within the workforce would change future generations. Women were granted the right to work in labor industries, as all the men join in the World Wars. Even though women were still discriminated in the workforce by receiving lower pay than men, the number of women working increased around the United States. After women began changing the labor industries, their voting rights were granted, changing the political views of the United States. Even though women were discriminated throughout society in the 1920’s, they still fought for their rights as women that deserved an important role within our society. This change in women’s attitude influenced women across the world to value themselves and their importance. Women in the 1920’s changed the 20th century, and they are still changing society as we know it in our generation and will keep doing so for generations to

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