The Immigration Of The United States

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Immigrants began showing up after the industrialization boom in the early 1860’s in the hopes of a greater life. Most of these people came through Ellis Island in 1892. Moreover, this is an entrance that the immigrants had to go through and be inspected and or disinfected. Approximately twelve million of the immigrants came through this entrance and began working and living as every day Americans. To some, this may have seemed like a good thing for the American people but it actually created a threat of job loss for the everyday people. Therefore, during the 1880’s though 1965 the Americans had a rising fear of immigration problems that led to discrimination problems and the passing of legislative acts that did not show to always be effective but were meant to determine the limits on immigration. One of the first immigration regulations began in 1882 was called the Chinese Exclusion Act and was put into play by President Chester A. Arthur. This law was signed to declare the Chinese as ineligible for naturalization and suspended immigration of Chinese people for ten years. At this point, Americans were discriminating against Chinese people because they were coming to the United States and taking all of the jobs. Furthermore, it led to the Immigration Restriction League (IRL). This league was designed in the belief that the immigrants should be screened through literacy tests and other standards to be able to gain citizenship to the United States. Literacy tests were not highly liked when they were first brought up in 1894, so this topic was sort of dropped to the side for the time being. With the literacy tests failing to work as a policy, the population became massive in a very short time. By 1910, one-seventh of the American ... ... middle of paper ... ...ces, religions, and nationalities”. Even though American’s did not always accept immigrants, (as seen through the many policies) an immigration policy has been settled on and is still being used today. Furthermore, the Immigration Act of 1965 has been the best decision for the United States population and is still being used in today’s world. From 1882-1964 immigrants continued to come to the United States for job opportunities and an overall better life, but in the end, it created more tension than good. It took quite a few years for the Americans to be at peace with the immigrant restrictions, thankfully, the Immigration Act of 1965 has held strong throughout the years. To further emphasize, the many different immigration acts had a common goal to tighten the restrictions on immigrants entering the United States and help prevent further damage of discrimination.

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