The Holy Spirit: The Works Of The Holy Spirit

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It is the Holy Spirit who draws people towards salvation and sanctifies them. These works of the Spirit are inseparable. In fact, it would be an error to separate John’s view of the Holy Spirit and Luke’s Acts record of the Spirit. The Spirit was the initiator of salvation and the power to be sanctified. Romans chapter eight provides the clearest impact of the Spirit at work in the life of a follower. There is power to walk in the Spirit rather than in the old nature (v.4). Also, the Spirit changes the thoughts of a follow to have the mind of Christ (vv. 5-8). Finally it is by the Spirit that evil is put to death within a follower of Jesus (Brand). This means that salvation is the starting point for the Spirit to go to work in bringing about…show more content…
The Spirit is constantly drawing all of creation towards its ultimate destiny—worship of God forever and ever. This is the same Spirit that hovered over the formless earth, came upon Mary the mother of Jesus, descended on the Savior while in the Jordon River and then poured out on the disciples gathered on in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. But it does not end there. The same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in every follower of Jesus available to break the power of sin, grant spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ and cause signs and wonders so that more people will know the Good News. The commonality of those filled with the Spirit in the New Testament comes after they have trusted Christ for salvation and is most often followed by speaking in tongues. The purpose of the gift of tongues is to edify the person and show God’s desire for all nations to come to worship him. Along with this gift, the Holy Spirit provides healing through the atonement of Christ, both physically and spiritually within the follower. Although not fully complete, one day the Spirit will heal everyone in Christ completely. Finally, the Spirit has a role within followers to sanctify him or her—make them more like Christ. Total perfection is not possible until Christ returns; however, the Spirit draws people closer and

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