The Holy Spirit: The Influence Of The Holy Spirit

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There have been many influences over the past few months that have bloomed into this lesson. They came as bits and pieces that I either heard or witnessed. While they stuck in my memory, I never really saw their significance until this past Sunday. I was in church and Jay was leading worship when all of a sudden the light came on and there was a complete picture in my mind.
If you would indulge me for a moment I would like to lay these “puzzle pieces” out for you in order to support my statement that the Holy Spirit quietly talks to us continually and to also give credit to the people whose words have influenced this lesson.
Many years ago, a friend and pastor whom I dearly loved and respected told me that there are three areas of responsibility in sharing the gospel. They are ours, the Holy Spirits, and the one that hears the gospel. Our responsibility is to go where we are called. That is it, to go and allow our self to be used. The Holy Spirit’s
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As I pulled into the parking lot of a coffee shop the host of the show that was on the air began talking about an interview that a Super Bowl champion had give where he said that even though he had three Super Bowl rings he still felt unfulfilled. I turned the car off and jumped out to get my coffee and never heard the rest of the commentary. Later I found both the interview and the commentary written by Regis Nicoll titled “The Life that is Truly Life.”
A few days later I was talking with a friend of mine who has achieved his dream and holds the position that he has talked about for the twenty some years that I have known him. My friend is great at what he does and has received recognition on both the State and National level multiple times over.
During our conversation, I mentioned the small part of the radio commentary I had heard and I could see that he too has found that there is an emptiness that comes with achieving our

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