The History Of Street Art

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Art may look inseparable from human nature. We are, indeed, the only specie to feel the need to express ourselves with more that common language. First traces of painting and sculptures appeared in the middle of paleolithic and it is still a hot topic today. However, with the constant evolution of society, a brand-new type of art, still quite unknown, impresses more people all around the world. It is called street art and consists in leaving our mark in and on the street. This phenomenon should be considered as the 10th art because of its unique aspect, the better perception we have concerning it, the rise of its popularity and for its advantages nearby us and our environment.
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Humans find in art a way to study and understand their environment. Reproducing it allows them to study the effect of light on a same surface, the variation of colour on an object of the depth effect. Lascaux’s cave painting, that are considered as the first trace of art in human history (and street art as well), was actually a way for men to manipulate and make sense of their environment according to historian and scientists. As a result, art is for us an excellent way to develop our knowledge of the world. Street art adds beauty to urban environment too. As stated by Bojan Maric, a cultural studies teacher at the University of Belgrade, it is an inevitable element of contemporary art. Painters have the ability to transform plain walls, unoccupied space or abandoned buildings into colorful murals, outstanding sculptures and curious museums. For instance, north-American trains sometime carry Other’s masterpiece, a Canadian traveller and urban painter who leaves its mark on the wagons he takes for his trips. Finally, art develops skills such as creativity, communication and socialization. It gives to people news ways to express themselves and share values and opinions trough the use of other methods. They need to find how to translate words and emotions into colours and textures, giving at the same time a deeper meaning to their work. As a matter of fact, art is a technic used by more and more therapists among traumatized people to help them to communicate their difficulties. On an other side, psychologists agree that using our creativity is what makes us human by increasing our abilities of solving complex problems and being perseverant. All those benefits are an excellent reason to encourage street

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