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Everybody; old and young have active an imagination, but we all express it differently than others. For me I express my imagination with my artwork. For example; when I was younger I watched a lot of cartoons just like any other kid. My favorite cartoon at the time was He-Man. I loved the show so much that I frequently dreamt and imagined of being strong like him, but I knew it could not be possible so instead of dreaming, I drew up an entire comic book of myself being a super strong super hero just like He-Man all thanks to my vivid imagination and artistic ability. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done something similar.
As a matter of fact; one of the greatest artists and philosophers also used his imagination to fuel his creation, and that man’s name is Leonardo DaVinci. Before he started a piece of work he would lay in bed in a dark room facing the ceiling with a single candle lit. While that candle was flickering he reportedly told people that the luminescence from the candle would give him visions and help him imagine what he will do next. In fact I have read that he did that before creating my favorite painting of his called “Tobias and The Angel”.
All throughout time people have used their imaginative minds to express some form of art, whether it be painting, drawing, sculpture, and dance, theatre, music or technology, this has happened all around the world. Furthermore, I think that the youth of the world have the biggest imagination because everything to them is new and they can’t help but imagine “what if” or “how”. Therefor that’s the power of imagination, and preferably for me I use it for art. Art to me is almost like an escape from everything negative in my life. Many say that art is beauty, and we say beauty ...

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...lutions, fix them to my fullest ability; just like I get better and excel in my art, and hopefully narrow my list down to one solution that works the best. I have found that how often I solve difficult problems does not necessarily depend so much on my knowledge or intelligence so much as my creativity. For some reason, I thought, this was, and is, often mistaken for intelligence. But when I thought about this some more, I realized that it made sense. Intelligence is basically the ability to come up with a solution to a difficult problem. With this definition of my own understanding, intelligence basically depends almost entirely on how a person puts his or her imagination to work. Imagination at work creates wonderful things that can change everything around you. For example; economy and technology are growing and are very good examples of what imagination can do.

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