Compare And Contrast Kahlo And Van Gogh

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Art is a very important part of humanity’s history, and it can be found anywhere from the walls of caves to the halls of museums. The artists that created these works of art were influenced by a multitude of factors including personal issues, politics, and other art movements. Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh, two wildly popular artists, have left behind artwork, that to this day, influences and fascinates people around the world. Their painting styles and personal lives are vastly different, but both artists managed to capture the emotions that they were feeling and used them to create artwork.
Vincent van Gogh lived from 1853 to 1890 and is arguably the most famous painter of the post-impressionism era of art. His painting style was often …show more content…

The first difference between the two are the colors that were used. Van Gogh used bright blues and yellows to depict the night sky that stretches over the quaint town below. On the other hand, Kahlo used more neutral colors in hers. The sky in her painting is grey and stormy, giving the painting a melancholy feel, while van Gogh’s if full of swirling clouds and rather cheerful. The brush strokes in the paintings are vastly different as well. Van Gogh used thick, layered brushstrokes to give the painting an exaggerated, almost chaotic, feel. The painting technique that van Gogh used is called impasto, taking paint straight from the tube and onto the brush ("Van Gogh, The Starry Night"). This made his paintings more abstract while still keeping the subject obvious. You could always tell what he was painting, whether it was the night sky or his own face. On the other hand, Kahlo used a more realistic approach when painting, making her subjects clear and obvious. She studied biology and anatomy when she was in school, which was reflected in how well she could draw the human body and its parts like the hearts seen in The Two Fridas ("Kahlo, The Two Fridas (Las Dos

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  • Describes frida kahlo as a female surrealist from mexico who was active during the surrealism movement and was known for her haunting self-portraits.
  • Compares how van gogh and kahlo's paintings are different, but both are famous in their own way.
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