The History And History Of The Cuban Revolution

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History of Cuban revolution Cuba started its fight from freedom in the late nineteenth century and was the last of the Latin American countries to battle the Spanish domain, which was controlling the continent since the discovery and colonization of America in 1492. In April 1898, as a result of the war between Cuba and Spain, one of the ships belonging to USA located in the Bay of Havana exploded, and this country, which had remained neutral, took participation in the war, that became Spanish-Cuban-American. However, in August that year, an armistice between Spain and the United States ended the hostilities and in December the war was over. The independence of Cuba was finally a fact. The outcome of the war was devastating and brought a lot of human and material loss, which caused an unsustainable crisis. Thus United States took over the island in January 1899 and named a Prime Minister, but later the Independent Party, won the first democratic election in May 20th, 1902 and took control back of the island. Great things came with the American occupation, like the sanitation of the i...
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