The Health Care Expense

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The Health Care Expense With congress recently addressing health care, people are interested in the ramifications of this momentous disillusion. Leading proponents of this cause crusade for change without examining the consequences. This year the American public will discover the real cost of universal health care through quality, expense, responsibility, and the role of private insurance. Quality of Care Quality is an issue most are reluctant to address. Currently H.R.3590 addresses the need for quality of care through reports and wellness programs. As outlined these wellness programs include smoking cessation, Those without insurance have the most to gain by receiving some provisions allowing for greater standard of living. Is this gain even perceptible? The logistics of the health care system determine the the cost and quality of doctors. The American health care system currently has trouble supporting those who can afford the steep health expense. The driving factors of quality include the economics of health care and the expectations of health care. People complain about the inability to see a doctor now, wait until we have a public heath system. Instead of hours or days to see a physician it will take weeks or months, and this wait is just for a general practitioner. Currently there are not enough doctors to competently watch over American health. Many ways exist to increase the supply of doctors, not one of them will field competent physicians. The reason health care is so expensive is directly related to the liability of doctors. With public health care on the horizon, doctors will be overwhelmed with the amount of care required to provide. The only solution will be to increase the supply of docto... ... middle of paper ... ...little Everyone wants to have the highest quality of living at the lows cost to themselves. Even Americans that are well off will chose worse jobs just for the health benefits. With the current system there are no boundaries on how the average insurance company can operate. With a system that provides basic coverage to everyone, there be an even greater need for specialized assistance. Over the next few years the American health system will shift towards providing greater health systems to those that are less fortunate. People will embrace public health care as the solution for a better quality of life. But soon after issues such as the quality provided, increased expense, lack of responsibility, and inflated private insurance will come to light. A real solution is needed to raise the quality of life, a solution that doesn't just throw money at the problem.
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