Cost And Quality In Health Care Essay

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The meaning of quality is “the right care for the right person at the right time”. Quality can be well-defined as the value, efficiency, consistency, and outcome of the care being provided. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) stated “an rise in health care spending from $2.34 trillion in 2008 to $ 2.47 trillion in 2009, the largest one year increase since 1960” (Pickert, 2010). “The action to improve the American health care delivery system as a whole, in all of its quality dimensions such as efficiency, effectiveness, equitability, timeliness, patient-centeredness, and safety for all Americans” (IOM, 2011). This paper aims to find out the relationship between cost and quality relating to health care. Relationship of Cost and Quality in Healthcare “Americans are not healthier than some of the other developed nations, regardless of these extensive costs” (WHO, 2007). “Almost 40 million Americans are uninsured and about 18% of Americans under the age of 65 receive half of the recommended healthcare services” (Goldman, and McGlynn, 2005). “Though, quality of care was noted not to vary much in cities with respect to lack of insurance, poverty, penetration of managed care and availability of physicians and hospital beds” (Goldman, and McGlynn, 2005). Major Roles and Activities of Private and Public Agency Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), is a public organization has assisted the health care system to reduce costs and improve quality by reacting critical questions about the delivery of health care facilities. For example, in Colorado State, 77% of spending accounted for high-cost antibiotics, while 20% spending was noted in the use of low-cost antibiotics ... ... middle of paper ... ...ns and other health professionals, in redesigning health care in the United States” (IOM, 2011). “Efforts have to be made in acquiring additional funding for nursing research to address some of the changing needs of our aging population” (Joint Commission, n.d). “Points out that nurse are going to have a critical role in that future, especially in producing safe, quality care and coverage for all patients in our health care system” (IOM, 2011). “Advanced practice nurses give care of equal or better quality than comparable care by physicians, and at lower cost” (Eibner, 2009). “Health care organizations taking initiatives to engage nurses and other health care staff to work with manufacturers and developers in the design, development, purchase, implementation, and evaluation of medical and health devices and health information technology products” (Kurtzman, 2010).
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