The Great Sphinx of Giza

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Imagine trudging through the scalding climate of the isolated Sahara desert, and suddenly stumbling upon a colossal, 60 foot height 240 feet wide, proud lion, with the head of a king looming overhead, glaring down at you, only a stone’s throw from the pyramids. You are perplexed of such a conundrum, you have never seen this statue before the only thing lingering in this wastelands were the colossal mounds of sand, and the primeval, elusive pyramids.Is it possible this statue could have buried? Inhumed in sand for years, with only the vision of it’s head to gaze upon this harsh land? Yes, in fact, This is the Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx has enveloped many in it’s tunic of mystery, shrouding it’s true identity and general purpose, existing for thousands of years lingering nether, secluded and adverse of our eyes. You stare in awe beholding the mysterious, masterful masonry. Can you solve the mysteries the Great statue holds? Many questions cling and regard the sphinx, and it’s existance, as to what was the Sphinx, and it’s purpose? How was the Sphinx used in the past? How and what was the Sphinx was the Sphinx constructed from? What is the Sphinx know for? You're determined to uncover these questions, and unmask the Sphinx for it’s true glory. Many don’t know of the Sphinx, as it has been covered up to it’s neck in sand for years, but now that it’s been revealed, it has become a world phenomena.
Inquisitively,What exactly is the Sphinx? You may be pondering. The Sphinx is a world phenomena and popular flocking of tourist attraction. The statue represents a hybridization of the head of a man, and the body of a feline. The head is assumed to be a king, as the nemes scarf is enveloping the head, while the body has been essential...

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..., between the paws? Does the Sphinx have any secrets?
How was the Shinx constructed? How long did this process take? What are some titles the Sphinx attains?- (what is it known for?) These three questions are only the dawn of an epic exploration, in the thresholds of this elusive enigma.

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