The Negative Effects Of The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 was considered the United States’ second battle for independence from England. Leading up to the war, tensions between America and the Native American Indians, as well as between America and England, increased rapidly. The Native Americans began attacking American settlements in response to being forced out of their native territory. Conflicts like these continued between American citizens and Native Americans throughout the war as the British were supporting the Native Americans. Due to the contentious relationship between England and America, the British decided to form an alliance with the Native Americans to increase their chances of defeating the Americans. America’s anger continued to grow toward the British because Britain refused to recognize America as an independent country, and because the British had no respect for American citizens. The war lasted for four years, ending with the Treaty of Ghent. There were some positive outcomes of the War of 1812 for America, however there were many negative effects for Native Americans. The War of 1812 ended the conflict between America and England, improved American foreign relations, and aided westward expansion; however Native Americans lost their land to westward moving settlers.
Before the War of 1812, the Americans and Native Americans had no respect for one another. They
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Without the War of 1812, the second war for independence, the United States might not have emerged as the world power that it has grown into over the years since the war. Consequences of the War of 1812 for the United States were extremely positive, while outcomes concerning the Native Americans were

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