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In Sean Baker’s 2017 film, The Florida Project, one is introduced to six year old Moonee and her single mother Halley. Unemployed and living in the Magic Castle Motel juxtaposed with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Halley and Moonee live through the struggles of not having money. Halley and Moonee’s worlds are immersed in this hyper reality surrounding Walt Disney World;however, even that isn’t enough to shield them from the film’s theme that real life is a world where maturity wins against the immature. Halley’s consistent immaturity as a parent prevented her from making the necessary mature decisions that would result in better living conditions for her and Moonee. It isn’t until Florida Department of Children and Families, DCF, threatens …show more content…

Halley saw DCF as a threat to the immature lifestyle she had been living up to that point instead of creating a stable and secure living condition for her daughter. DCF was a threatening authority figure that ultimately became the catalyst that brought upon the mature Halley as seen in the end. Halley actions throughout the film are as hyper real as the world she’s living in. One could say that her actions are just a product of her environment. Without Halley’s negligence as a parent the plot wouldn’t move forward and the theme wouldn’t be as relevant. In this world that Halley lives in she is surrounded by other people looking to escape their regular lives to visit what is dubbed the “happiest place on earth” even though there is more than one Disney theme park with the same slogan. One aspect of the hyper real that Halley is able to …show more content…

Halley wants to go shopping and eat well but she is completely aware of her situation. She tries to get out of her poor situation not by going out to look for a job but instead she opts for stealing Disney MagicBands from one of her clients. This brings about unwanted attention to

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how sean baker's 2017 film, the florida project, introduces six-year-old moonee and her single mother halley. they live in the magic castle motel juxtaposed with walt disney world.
  • Analyzes how halley's hyper reality can be seen externally and by where she chooses to live.
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