Poverty In The Movie: The Pursuit Of Happiness

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To what extent would a parent go to keep their child protected, safe, and happy? The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” a biographical drama based on a true story, portrays the hardships that an African American man (played by Will Smith) and his son face together. This movie reveals the striking reality of poverty and emphasizes that most Americans are not living the ‘American Dream.’ Hollywood generally portrays an unrealistic image of the average American and leads people to believe that everyone is meeting financial requirements on time, purchasing nice vehicles, enjoying life in fancy homes, and not dealing with constant money shortages. Director Gabriele Muccino does an amazing job at reversing this image by exposing viewers a different side. He reveals how some people in America are struggling…show more content…
His bank account was wiped out by the IRS for unpaid taxes and he had less than thirty dollars in it. Furthermore, he and his son would spend some nights at a restroom in the subway station as Chris could not make rent. Chris struggles throughout the whole movie as he attempts to manage his work in the office and the long lines outside the church where the homeless could spend the night. Despite all the difficulty he goes through, he never shows a sign of weakness. His motivation and consistency are inspiring and uplifting for the viewer. The work ethic reminds viewers of the hard working blue collar class, because Chris is willing to work and sacrifice to overcome any hardship and preserve in order to provide the best for his son. While finishing his internship, he gets called down to the boss’ office once again where he is offered a permanent job at the company. This moment of realization causes an overwhelming rush of emotions for Chris and for the viewer as final captions on the screen describe how he later becomes a successful multi-millionaire and proceeds to open his own brokerage

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