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With wonderful learning opportunities, a team of sharp and intelligent classmates and teachers, and specialized equipment, the Governor’s School at Innovation Park is the ultimate dream of all determined math/science devotees. With my natural curiosity for mathematics and science and eagerness to take on challenging ideas, I can collaborate with the team at Governor’s School to develop our wide spectrum of ideas and abilities into a highly sophisticated product.
While the studies at Governor’s School are noticeably more advanced and require more effort than at regular public schools, I see this rigor as the key to my academic success. For me, the classes I take that constantly introduce new thoughts that test my capability to “think outside the box”, are the ones that capture all my attention and interest. For example, while working with the Sierpinski Triangle at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth geometry camp, I was struck with a strong determination to figure out the secret to the pattern. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the Sierpinski Triangle is “a fractal based on a triangle with four equal triangles inscribed in it. The central triangle is removed and each of the other three treated as the original was, and so on, creating an infinite regression in a finite space.” By constructing a table with the number black and white triangles in each figure, I realized that it was easier to see the relations between the numbers. At Governor’s School, I expect to be provided with stimulating concepts in order to challenge my exceptional thinking.
As a former Robotics Club Team Captain and Historian of Patriot High School’s Student Council, I understand the importance of combining leadership and collaboration. While...

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...lan.” The main challenge of an achievement is the journey one must take to reach their goal. By becoming a student of Governor’s School, I believe I can move a step forward in achieving my career goal, while also providing to the school environment.
The math/science program at PWC Governor’s School presents challenging learning opportunities and well as motivated classmates and professors that can further my curiosity and devotion for the mathematical and scientific world around me. It also withholds a window of opportunity for me to move closer in attaining my career aspiration. In return, I can provide collaboration, leadership, and most importantly, an intelligent mind capable of creating pioneering, innovative, and inspiring ideas. Together, the students/faculty of PWCS Governor’s School and I can collaborate to form the most ground-breaking solutions.

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