The Effects Of Pollution On The Natural Environment

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Pollution Pollution is associated directly, or indirectly, to the result of human activity. Without hesitation the origin of contamination is synthetic substances and contaminants unsuitable to the natural environment’s production or absorption. No spectrum of substances created by humans is the singular cause, but also the manner in which materials are managed, besides the fact they contain non-renewable and exhaustible materials, after use they become disposable trash put back into the natural environment, without understanding their long-term outcomes of the environment. Some other environmental influences include the decline of habitat and biodiversity, eutrophication, creation and seepage of noxious chemicals, salination, persistent organic pollutants (POP’s), acidification, deterioration of air quality and food contamination.

As a result of pollution humankind continues to implement a number of techniques to counteract its impact. Examples encompass the creation of Swedish nature reserves in 1907 and the Poland nature conservation movements before the Second World War. During the 1950s and 1960s filters were added to smoke stacks to reduce air pollution, especially sulphur emissions, and improvements in wastewater plants. Chemical pollution, such as DDT
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Stoermer and Paul J. Crutzen. (Stoermer, 2000) The concept itself is that “human activity affects the earth to the point where it can cross a new era.” Various terms have been proposed over the decades to introduce this concept of a new era, such as anthropozoic which acknowledged “the increasing power and effect of humanity on the earth 's systems.” (Antonio Stoppani, 1873) Teilhard proposed noosphere which was “a postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships. A sphere of human thought.” (Teilhard de Chardin, 1922) (Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky,

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