The Effects Of Air Pollution In Filipinos And The Philippines

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The effect of air pollution is heavier on the country itself. The effects of air pollution to the Filipinos and the Philippines are as follows- One is the health of the Filipinos, two the global warming and three is the depletion of ozone layer. As pollution gets higher the ozone layer gets thinner, and all of these consequences are made by humans. The Filipinos also need to know where does pollution came from.

Moreover, the second biggest contributor to the bad air pollutant in the Philippine atmosphere can be found in big or small factories across the city of Metro Manila. Here in the Philippines, other countries are starting to build different kinds of factories because of the growing population of the Filipinos thus more demand of supply. …show more content…

To summarize everything that is stated above, Air pollution is the worst enemy of all countries in the world. It is one thing that the countries cannot avoid it but they can lessen/reduce it. Reducing the contamination in Air will take up loads of adjustment to the Filipinos. By adapting a new lifestyle and embracing the problem of what air pollution brings to the Philippines will have a better understanding on how to fix this economical problem. Being a knowledgably Filipino will go a long way to serve the Philippines. Preventing short and long term illness that brought upon by bad air will reduce if the Filipino people will cooperate to the suggested simple ways on how to lessen omitting air pollution in their surroundings. The Philippines is a country full of heavenly body of waters, with tall mountains, and healthy provinces which consist of full bloomed trees/plants. Having to just destroy it because of omitting numerous gas emissions from vehicles and factories that blasts smoke will destroy the environment of where the Filipino people are living. The fact that the Filipino people can do little things one step at a time will bring a huge impact to the Philippines such as recycling and commuting. Moreover, the faith of the environmental pollution lies on the hands of the Filipino people. Certain values must be adapted in order to change the mentality and behaviour of the Filipinos. In all together, it will bring awareness and Filipino people will act on the

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