The Effect of Temperature on the Reaction Between Chalk Powder and Hydrochloric Acid

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646 words

The Effect of Temperature on the Reaction Between Chalk Powder and Hydrochloric Acid

In this experiment, I am going to see if temperature affects the

reaction rate between chalk powder and hydrochloric acid by timing how

long it takes for the chalk powder to dissolve in the acid!

There are many variables that could be used in this experiment! They

are: -

· Concentration of acid

· [IMAGE]Surface area of chalk Powder

· [IMAGE]Amount of chalk 0.1g

· [IMAGE]Volume of hydrochloric acid 10ml

· Temperature of acid

The variable I am going to change is Temperature of acid. This is

because it is the easiest to do! All the rest I will have to keep the

same to make it a fair test.

I predict that if you increase the temperature of the acid in the

experiment, it will speed up the reaction time the faster the reaction

rate. This is due to the kinetic theory. The more heat that is given

to the acid, the faster the particles move. So the faster the

particles move, the faster the reaction rate due to more collisions

between the chalk powder and the hydrochloric acid.

This is a list of all the equipment I am going to use!

· Boiling tube

· Powdered chalk= 0.10g each time

· Hydrochloric acid= 10ml each time

· Accurate measuring scales= (0.00)

· Test/boiling tube rack

· Measuring cylinder for the acid

· Stop clock to time the reaction! (most important)

· Small piece of paper to put the chalk on when I measure it!

This is a picture of my experiment.

The only thing that I have to watch in terms of safety is the acid! I

have to wear goggles when I am around acid encase the bottle of acid

falls over and it goes in my eyes. I also have to be careful when I am

around the hot water bath because the temperature can get up to 80oC.

That could burn you and cause long-term damage to your skin.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that it is the easiest to do!
  • Opines that the only thing that they have to watch for safety is the acid!
  • Opines that they have to be careful when falling over.
  • Explains that the first thing they will do is gather all their apparatus and set it out.
  • Explains that they will start with 0.1g of chalk and put it in heated acid.
  • Explains that when they put the piece of paper on, they will have to put scales back to zero because the paper has a mass.
  • Opines that the graph had a smooth line but their first result took more time than all the others.
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