The Dragon: Freudian Conscious Mind

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844 words

5. What elements in the story “The Dragon” represent the Freudian Conscious mind? Make sure to provide quotes and references from the story to support your answer. (3 Marks) The story “The Dragon” represents the Freudian Conscious mind through setting, plot, and conflict. Sigmund Freud tells us that our conscience mind consists of feelings as well as becoming aware of someone else and this was portrayed when psychiatrist comes in contact with Pamela. The psychiatrist became so angry and couldn’t control himself and this shows us Freudian Conscious mind through the plot. Freudian Conscious mind is represented through conflict because when the psychiatrist hits Pamela, he was trying to tell himself to let go of the anger and be calm, which …show more content…

Besides, when the psychiatrist confronts her, he describes her as, “small, agitated, and dark, her face shaded by a disarray…Her eyes were very black, and she seemed to emit a musk. The psychiatrist hated her”. Besides, he was very angry and wanted to leap and attach the women. 7. In “The Dragon” Explain how the story's climax represents a conflict between the id, the ego, and the superego. Is this conflict resolved? Explain. (5 Marks) In the story of dragon, the story represents a conflict between the id, the ego, and the superego. This is because the story talks about the early age of his life when he had his heartbroken and this resulted in him changing his entire life plans, and aspires to become a psychiatrist. The struggles between the three functional features are present, although they are not resolved. As the psychiatrist attends the party, he sees Pamela and he attacks her without thinking it through. This is because with his past experiences of his own wife leaving him, he let his id take over him causing him to act irrationally, in other words not ego. Therefore, the conflict is not resolved due to his actions at the …show more content…

Due to the women having roles like men, this does not follow the patriarchal ideology that most stories do. To be specific, even in this day in age, most households are in charge by men and women do not have equal say, and in this story, it shows that the roles are being reversed. Although, it does not show complete gender equality because the husband is unemployed and just because his wife makes more than him, he is being disrespected. However, they are married she tends to be friends with males that her own husband does not like, and just because her husband is not unemployed she is taking advantage. To conclude, the women is being fully appreciated since she has a job and she is in charge of the household, but the women is oppressing her husband just how men oppress women these days. 9. Based on the short story “A matter of balance”. As the actual reader, what do you think about the end of the story? How do your own experiences, beliefs, circumstances, values, and prior reading experiences shape the way you view this story? (4

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the dragon symbolizes pamela because of the way the therapist describes her and in the story it says that she attracts violence.
  • Describes the reader's experiences, beliefs, circumstances, values, and prior reading experiences that shape their view of the story.
  • Opines that the ending of the story was shocking because anyone in harold's position would have done the same because the bikers continued to threaten him.
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