Psychoanalysis: Freud's Analytical Theory Of Freud

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Freud was Psychoanalysis finding father of a method of treating mental illness and also explains human mind. Psycho analytical approach believed that human personality is controlled by our subconscious thought therefor to understand conscious we have to understand what is in the human mind. Psychoanalysis is also known as the talking cure. His method of unlocking mind of mental illness patients including the following technics: talking and free association. On this technics Feud was supported his patients to talk freely so he can find the symptoms and to describe what was in their unconscious mind. Freud introduce a topographical model of the mind He compares the mind to an iceberg. He suggests that they are three level of awareness that …show more content…

It opposite the desire of ID such as aggression. It only wants perfection. It is located in conscious and unconscious part of human mind so It can tell what is wrong and right. That is why it is called the moral part of human personality. We develop it by the age of 5. The Ego is made of reality principle. It is largely located in conscious part of mind and It is the strongest part of our personality. It knows what is rational or realistic. It can to satisfied the Id without obsessing the superego that is why it is called a logical part of personality. He believed that our personality is shaped by our experiences. ID and superego can fight so ego is there to control the balance. If the superego takes over a person mind It can lead him to mental illness of feeling guilty at any action he will made because a human cannot superego’s satisfaction, If the Id take over a person will act in an inappropriate way. He believes that a mental healthy person has a strong ego but in the situation when the Id or superego become dominate mental illness person will start to result anxiety to signal ego that it is facing a situation that demand action therefor ego has to make defences mechanisms to avoid the anxiety of unconscious mind and maintain a positive

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