Morality In The Bluest Eye, By Toni Morrison

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What makes us who we are? Do we make this choice ourselves? Many people are shaped and influenced by the society. We tend to consider social norms and consequences of our actions. In the 1940s, black people were considered less superior than white people. Black people felt powerless so they tried to better themselves among their community. In The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, Cholly and Junior’s personalities are influenced by their parents’ treatments and the society which makes them become violent towards women. In The Bluest Eye, Junior is a black boy who is good care of physically, but not emotionally by his mother. Junior likes to play “Kings of the Mountain” with black kids and makes them push and roll him in the dirt. However, his mother wants him to have a good life and good hygiene. She tells Junior not to play with colored people who are dirty and loud, as she refers them as “niggers.” Junior stops playing with them and hangs out with Ralph Nisensky, who does not want to do …show more content…

An id is a pleasure that needs to be satisfied. In this case, Cholly’s id are to achieve manhood by having an intercourse. Since Cholly has no parents, no one teaches him what is good or bad. He has no idea about the moral of society or what is appropriate in the society. Therefore, he creates an idea of having an intercourse to achieve manhood. Ego has a job to satisfy both id and superego needs in a way that is socially acceptable. However, Cholly does not know what is appropriate since no one teaches him. This causes Cholly to become violent to everyone especially his family. This answers the questions: Why does he burn down the house and put the family outdoor, why does he fight and abuse his family, and why does he rape his own daughter. It is because id, ego, and superego are not balanced well. It causes Cholly to do what he wants without thinking about the social norms or

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