Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development Applied to "Finding Nemo"

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Personality is broad and intense subjects that people either understand or do not get it at all. Many people that study psychology also study different people and their own personal views on that person’s analysis. The views range from the founder or real first known one to study this subject Freud, to people that took his views and went in a different direction. Some of the more relevant psychologist is Skinner and Rotter who have taken personal psychology to greater depths and studies. All the people that study the personality of psychology have taken one another’s views and either agreed with them and added to it, or didn’t agree at all and made changes to make their own analysis, and everything between. As for Sigmund Freud he is the one who started it all with his studies of psychoanalysis. Most people think his view are absolutely out of line and incorrect, but after studying him more in depth, you will find that he was not that crazy as you might have thought. For example, in this paper you will come to find that personality and Freud’s views on it aren’t really that off point. In the movie Finding Nemo, there is a father name Marlin, and a little son named Nemo. The personality of Nemo is he is an off the wall little clown fish that likes to take chances and is what we would call a hyper-active child. He likes to bounce around, take adventures without his dad being around, and somewhat despises his dad for always wanting to be right by his side. Till the day that acting out gets him in trouble. One day heading to school him and his dad, Marlin, get in an argument that makes Nemo want to rebel just like a little child would. So while at school he wants to prove to everyone that he can do everything anyone else could just ... ... middle of paper ... ...o do, but being what he has been through I believe will increase his success in life because he has been through more than any of his other friends have. He ends up I believe in an early genital stage even know he might not be old enough if Freud’s view to be there, he can look after himself and has the key to happiness which is the ability to love and be loved. In all the psychology of the personality is difficult to understand, because trying to read what someone is thinking about you and your personality is a tough process. This was roughly and explanation into the view of Freud’s view of the id, ego, and superego and some of the psychoanalysis stages that come in the crazy world and studies of Sigmund Freud. Even though his views are not popular today some people still research them and think to themselves he might not be as weird as people told me he was.

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