The Difference Between The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood And There Was Once By Charret Atwood

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Children’s literature is very influential part of a child’s early life. Stories told to children, while sometimes involving make believe, fantastical creatures, and things that do not exist in real life, teach morals to young children that will shape their beliefs and values in their lives. Fairy tales are one of the many influential types of children’s literature. Many tales are revised or retold to teach different morals to the younger generation (Joosen 129). By addressing the differing modernist views that people have today, “There Was Once” changes the way that fairy tales like “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” were viewed as educational items for young children to assist in the teaching of morals and even prompts changing some elements …show more content…

One difference is the diction used in these pieces. Perrault uses cultured and elevated diction such as “christening” and “proclamation” to create his fantasy world for the fairy tale (Perrault 399). In contrast, Atwood uses scholarly and pedantic words such as “transcend” and “puritanical” to construct her piece criticizing fairy tales (Atwood 407). Along with differing word choice these stories also differ in tone. The tone in Perrault’s piece fantastical and fanciful while Atwood is candid and condescending. The differing elements in these stories emphasize the purpose of Atwood’s piece in criticizing the morals taught in Perrault’s piece. Another element that effects the mood and tone of these pieces is the speaker or speakers. In “There Was Once” there are two speakers that have a dialogue with each other and in “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood” the speaker is a narrator that is just telling the story. Because “There Was Once” has two narrators arguing, it makes the story more relatable to the audience in contrast to the reader being on the outside looking in with the narration of “The Sleeping Beauty in the

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