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Fairy tales have been an essential part of history since the dawn of time. Many people remember reading them as a child, or hearing them told by a parent. They have been written as books and created as movies and tv shows for humanity to enjoy. What do we know about where fairy tales originate? In this essay, we will dig deep into the history of fairy tales, and see what we can discover. Fairy Tales written many years ago are still famous today. They create a world of imagination for children and gives them a brief break from day to day realities.
So, how far back can fairy tales be traced? Although it is not possible to cite the exact date fairy tales were created, some people state they can go as far back as Biblical time. Many people believe …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that fairy tales have been an essential part of history since the dawn of time. they were written as books and created as movies and tv shows for humanity to enjoy.
  • Explains that fairy tales can be traced back to biblical time. many people believe that the bible is a vast collection of 66 individual books.
  • Explains that many people believe that the bible is a fairy tale and that multiple people wrote their tales and it was combined into one large story.
  • Explains that chinese folklore is influenced by buddhism, taoism, and confucianism. myths and reality were mixed to create many stories.
  • Explains that french fairy tales were passed orally through generations by women, peasants, slaves, and outcast groups such as the gypsies before the 17th century.
  • Explains that fairy tales are filled with things such as knights and princesses. they are written to make children feel safe and happy.
  • Explains that cinderella's step-sisters cut off their toes to fit into glass slippers, while snow white died when she was forced to dance in shoes that were red iron hot.
  • Explains that evil mothers are an essential part of fairy tales. in hansel and gretel, the wife gets her husband to abandon the children in the woods due to a lack of food for the family.
  • Explains that jacob and wilhelm grimm's fairy tales existed long before they were born. they interviewed many people collecting them and published their first volume in 1812.
  • Explains that charles perrault was the father of fairy tales. he wrote sleeping beauty, little red riding hood, and cinderella.
  • Explains that there are more than 800 versions of cinderella's story worldwide. the irish version is named ashey pelt, and is a magical black ewe.
  • Describes walt disney as the modern-day brothers grimm. he has taken versions of fairy tales he has heard and made modern adaptations into film.
  • Explains that fairy tales have embedded themselves into modern times. little girls are dressing up as princesses, and little boys as princes. children are turned into heroes and taught moral, social, or political lessons.

It wasn’t until the 17th century where prominent members of society took those stories and put them to paper. Women played a crucial role in passing along the folklore in France. Men and women would gather at salon’s and tell stories. Most of those stories were deemed too inappropriate for women. Because of that women began to host their own private salons where they could talk freely and tell stories. It was during this time some of the fairy tales started being written down to paper. The French fairy tales were the first to be collected and written down.
Many fairy tales are filled with things such as knights and princesses. They are written to make children feel safe and happy. Little known to many people fairy tales take on a deeper and darker meaning. Many fairy tales are just watered-down versions of tragic things that have happened in history. Many fairy tales have scary origins. Some may talk about rape, cannibalism, incest, and torture. Some may think that children cannot handle the truth of these events. Therefore they write fairy tales to numb the pain that may have had to deal …show more content…

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are two people we can thank. Although they are often associated with writing tales such as Snow White, and Rapunzel, that is not the case. These stories existed long before they were even born. These two men went on a quest to save the tales from extinction. The two men interviewed many people collecting these stories. It was said that they embellished the stories at the time, something that they denied. In 1812 they published their first volume which included 82 stories. The title was Kinder-und Hausmärchen. Over the ages, they would update that volume by adding and deleting tales. Originally these stories were not written for kids due to the graphic nature. The Grimm’s collection of fairy tales was in its 7th edition when Wilhelm Grimm died in 1859. By that point, the collection had grown to 211 stories and included intricate illustrations. Jacob − who had lived with Wilhelm and his wife − died in 1863 ("The Publication of Grimm’s Fairy Tales | History Today,"

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