The Development and Success of Google

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INTRODUCTION OF GOOGLE: Figure 1: GOOGLE LOGO (m.alam, 2008) Google is considered as the leading search engine around the globe. The Google Inc was founded in the year 1998 by the graduate students of Stanford University which are Larry page and Sergei Brin. While studying in Stanford Larry and Brin designed a search engine named as Black rub and after two year they changed the name to Google Inc. Google, Inc was established on the 7 of September 1998. The Google Inc started their operation for the first time from a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California .Craig Silverstein was the first employee which was hired by page and Brin which was later become the Director of technology of Google Inc. In the year of 2000 the company replaced Yahoo’s own inner search engine as they starting providing the additional search result for Yahoo. Currently, by the surplus of about 50 % share of the total search market, Google offers search result not only for their search engines but also for different search engines which are on web. (summittoday, 2005) The company Google Inc started as the Online search firm, Now a days the company provides a surplus of 50 different internet services and products some of them are emails ,mobile phones and etc. In the year of 2012 the Google company make an attainment with Motorola Mobility which has make their position in the Market for sell hardware in the type of Cell phones. The company having a wide product collection and range put the company in the list of top four powerful companies in the technologically advanced market beside with the companies Apple , IBM and Microsoft. Regardless of the numerlous of products, the company main hub of success is still remains as they started as the orginally whi... ... middle of paper ... ... hybrid car worth of $5000. (Tampa, 2009)The main factor of Google Inc is that their compensation is simple. The intrinsic rewards which Google offers are no real hierarchy, tiny work group and purpose. The company structure is smooth and which make them creative. (Cook, 2012) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: At Google the engineers are mostly encourage to take the 20% time of work to work on something another work which they have interest individually on and its favors the company also. (MEDIRATTA, 2007) Google also offer the educational compensation plan in which the company will pay up to $8000 for an employee to take the courses which are related to work in an outside university. The company also offers the employees for a maximum period of 5 year off with giving the amount up to $150,000 to any employees which want to practice an extra education full-time. (Staib, 2008)
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