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Is life really about name brands, having the newest technology, and having an expensive car? Or having a group of loving and caring friends and family? Today everyone defines and looks for happiness in a different way. Many people usually search for happiness in money, material items, and meaningless relationships. None of the things mentioned solely leads to happiness. This is a problem in our society; everyone is on the “pursuit of happiness,” but what if we do not know the correct way on how to pursue it?
From early times, philosophers and researchers have questioned the meaning of happiness. Aristotle suggested that happiness is the central purpose of human life, and a main goal of life itself (Burton). Since then various researchers have studied behaviors of a person after an action to determine a person’s level of happiness. Despite all the research done, there are very little studies, which examine the true meaning of happiness. Humans invest such a large amount of time on their “pursuit of happiness,” therefore the meaning of happiness needs to be researched more. This paper will explore the meaning of happiness, and the way various things affect a person’s happiness throughout their life.
One of Aristotle’s most influential works is the Nicomachean Ethics, which is where he presents the well-studied theory of happiness. (Burton) Throughout Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle asked, “What is the ultimate purpose of human existence?” (Aristotle) He realized that everyone has an end point or a main goal that we should direct some time towards. Aristotle argues that happiness is the end goal; he further explained how it’s easy to say we desire money, pleasure, and honor since we believe that these goods will make us happy. Aristo...

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