The Debate Over Same Sex Marriage

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Symbolic Interaction is an important sociological theory defined by the influence of symbolism on social interaction. It’s an idea that is expressed often in debates over same-sex marriage. Marriage itself is a symbol and also carries a lot of symbolism to a wide range of people. Marriage means one thing to many people of certain religions groups and another to a lot of same-sex couples. Also, the legalization of something that was once taboo means different things to different people. Within many Christian religions, a marriage is a union that is believed to be exclusive to one man and one woman. It is meant as a symbol of love and the couple 's union as ordained by God. It is very sacred to Christians and because of this can influence their opinions of who should be married and how they interact on the topic of same-sex marriage. To many same-sex couples, it is a symbol of their love and commitment to one another, just as it is in part to Christians. Some people of Christian faith can see same-sex marriage as downright sacrilegious since to them marriage is tied to God and they do...
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