Symbolic Interactionism Theory Of Gay Marriage

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The main points of the Symbolic Interactionism perspective is that symbols are what shape how we communicate and how we view the world. Our changing ideas affect how we understand and view different things around us. Without symbols society would be not be very coordinated, people wouldn’t be able to specify a specific time for school or where to meet for lunch. The main points of the Functional Analysis perspective, is that society is made up of several individual parts that work together for society to function properly. Each of these smaller parts has functions that are beneficial consequences of people actions and dysfunctions that are harmful and threaten the equilibrium. In this perspective the smaller parts are look at to see how they…show more content…
For the majority of human history marriage was always thought to be between one man and one woman. That was, until last year when the Supreme Court passed a law, legalizing gay marriage. Many people still do not support marriage, but people’s changing ideas of what defines a marriage made the legalization of gay marriage happen. This issue can also be applied to the Functional Analysis theory. Those with this perspective may believe marriage should only be between a man and woman, because each brings different skills to the home. A gay marriage and home could be viewed as unstable, because without a man in the home it may be difficult to do extensive heavy lifting and without a woman in the home it may be difficult to do housework like sewing. Functional Analysis may believe that gay marriage threatens the balance in the home which will in turn affect other aspects of life like childcare, cooking, housekeeping, etc. Sociologist who believes in the Conflict Theory perspective may think that gay marriage developed as a result of several people protesting to lawmakers that gay marriage should be legalized. Before gay marriage was legalized, marriage was between only a man and woman simply because there was no other definition of marriage. Men always had more power over women, but gay marriage allows everyone regardless of gender to get

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