The Dangers Of Government Control In George Orwell's 1984

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In today’s society, most people don’t realize the government is taking advantage of their power. The government is here to protect and keep society safe, but I believe they are abusing their authority against us for their own benefits. In the novel 1984, George Orwell is a foreshadowing to our present day living. Orwell brings forth a feeling of hopelessness and paranoia. The government can use the term reasonable cause to get a warrant to tap phones, to intercept our mail and use satellites to view us without our knowledge. The novel portrays these issues with “Big Brother is Watching.” The government restrict their actions which make them feel desperate. Like most of the characters in the novel, Winston Smith is being watch by the telescreens. He would hide in the alcove (a recess in a room sort of hidden) which was probably meant for a bookshelf; here he would keep his back to the telescreen so he can write in his diary. It wasn’t illegal to write in his diary because nothing was illegal since there was no laws but if the found out, it was reasonable certain to punish by death or twenty-five years in a force-labor camp. In recent news a disappearances of British citizen Lee Bo and four of his colleagues that intensified fears…show more content…
They can easily turn our thoughts as treason. I feel in our society we have to be careful or choose our words wisely. The government can turn against you or easily get rid of you. You can be thrown into prison for simply disagreeing with your country’s beliefs. This is widely practice in eastern part of the world. My paranoia begins with simply googling my address and being able to see my house and the cars on my block; if I can see this, then what powerful technology our government have and what can they see? Our government have so much control over our day to day lives. Where do we draw the line? How do we rebel without

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