The Cowboy Research Paper

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After the Civil War, a dynamic period in American history opened - the settlement of the West. The lives of Western miners, farmers, and ranchers were often filled with great hardships, but the wave of American settlers continued. Railroads hastened this migration. During this period, many Native Americans lost their homelands and their way of life. To begin with, the population of the western area was growing with many different walks of life. One lifestyle in particular that gained popularity was of the cowboys. The cowboys derived from Hispanic and Southern American cultures as well as their clothes, food, language, and values. they were responsible for the new way of Western-style ranching and cattle-handling. The traditional image of a …show more content…

Therefore, the Native Americans were being pushed out of their territory by the american settlers. This created a large conflict between tribes because certain Native american tribes were forced to move into another tribe's land. Another conflict was between the emigrants and the Native Americans because of them being pushed out of their land. Many fights, murders, and thefts happened from both sides due to the new settlement in the West. The U.S government tried to create peace by offering the Ft. Laramie Treaty of 1851 to the Native Americans. It called for peace among all rival tribes as well as offered each tribe $50,000 each year for ten years. In exchange for this, the government asked for the rights to build roads, railroads, and to have emigrants be able to travel into their territories with peace. This treaty did not last very long for because a new conflict had risen among the settlers and Native Americans. A Lakota member had mistaken a emigrant’s cow for an abandoned one so therefore they butchered it for food. Lt. John Grattan and 29 soldiers had arrived to investigate the problem and shot fire against the Native Americans. The Native americans retaliated and ended up killing all of the soldiers. Similar conflicts were happening all over the west between the two sides having all sorts of different outcomes. More peace treaties were being made and were offered to try to calm down the rivalry.

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